Woman sues Detroit city over medical marijuana

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A Warren lawyer filed a lawsuit Monday against the City of Warren that demands up to $5 million in damages on behalf of 23 state-approved medical-marijuana users who say they’ve been harassed and ticketed by Warren police.

The lawsuit, filed in Macomb Circuit Court by attorney Michael Greiner, also claims that Warren zoning officials, Police Commissioner Jere Green and Mayor Jim Fouts cooperated in a policy to shut down a medical-marijuana transfer center — the Michigan Safe Transfer Center at 29601 Hoover, in an area zoned for a medical office — through a police raid and confiscation of the owners’ property, without a search warrant.

The suit also claims that police on Sept. 17 and Sept. 18 stopped each car leaving the transfer center and questioned drivers in what constituted an illegal roadblock and illegal searches and then raided the center on Sept. 18. Greiner said that the transfer center, of which he is a 50% partner, allows caregivers to provide medical cannabis to people who are officially registered with the state as medical-marijuana users.

“We’re not a walk-in clinic — that’s why you can’t call us a dispensary,” said Greiner’s business partner, Bryan Mazurkiewicz.

The Warren business has been scrupulous about observing a state requirement that registered medical-marijuana caregivers provide the drug only to the five patients whose names they have listed with the state’s Department of Licensing and Regulation.


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